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My film teacher responded

And said the list I sent her was terrific and she was looking forward to viewing the films and that she had seen a few but not all… I’m so relieved

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That’s horrifying
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we’re bringing home our new dog on Friday and we’ve decided to name him Frodo, which I’m probably most excited about haha. He’s stout with big feet and he’s really goofy so he reminded me of a hobbit, and I suggested that name to my brothers and they loved it. He’s so so so adorable and he’ll be a great playmate with our dog, Zoe. :D


HERE HE IS!! cutie patootie

Why’s his name Frodo he should be named Shlorpysmorpycutietotiebawkie- …what? I’m babbling at the picture of your dog, leave me alone xD

OMG stop

we almost named him Iroh though. but my youngest brother didn’t like that name because he’s a MORON so we went with frodo :3

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Anonymous: were you able to make a complete list of movies?

yeah I just gave up and finished it. any of the choices would be good so i picked what i felt was the most unique one

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